Founding Meeting

The Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD

April 4-5, 2003


1. How did you like the MTSMA Conference? 

Great! Loved it! Great!

2. How did you learn about the MTSMA Conference? 

SMT E-list. Word of mouth--Pamela Poulin, in class. E-mails. Mailings. SMT list serve. P. Poulin. I received a notice in the mail. Mailing. E-mail from Pam P.Peabody. I read about it in both SMT and AMS Newsletters. From Pamela Poulin. Through the mail from Pamela. Contacted personally. Mailing (fax) and email announcement. Email. American Composers Forum announcement. Posting on SMT-list.

3. How many mailings did you receive?

Half of the respondents received one mailing and half received two mailings.

4. Did you read about MTSMA in a newsletter?

Yes: AMS, CMS, SMT, American Composers Forum.

5. How did you like the MTSMA Web Site (e.g., pictures, information, layout & design)? 

Very nice--I like it! Great! Haven’t seen it. Very nice. Good. Good, except there should have been directions to Baltimore and Peabody. Excellent. Excellent--clear and helpful; easy to register. Very nice job. Haven’t seen it yet. Looked good. Very good. Couldn’t link to hotel. Didn’t look at it. Very appealing aesthetically. could have used more specific detail in regards to directions to building (the little things, etc.). Well done (there should be a link on the SMT Home Page) good--printable/downloadable. 

6. What additional information would you like to see on the MTSMA Web Site in preparation for next year’s conference? 

It has everything I needed. Perhaps directions to the venues, building maps? Directions. Membership List. Pictures from ‘03. Electronic Ballot. Fine as it was. More specific information on how to get to Peabody. Printable abstracts. Links to speakers sites for more information on the speakers if available. printable abstracts. 

7. What did you like about the coffee breaks and breakfast (e.g., food, length of coffee break, opportunity to meet new people)?

Crispy cremes were very tasty. Overall very nice. All excellent. Perfect. Good choices. Good Timing. Meeting new people. Very intimate atmosphere! Food--excellent! First class. All good. All of the above. Just right in all respects. Coffee breaks were both good “breathers” and allowed for more chat time, perusal of questions. Very nice food! Excellent. All delicious food and timing was perfect. Opportunity to meet new people. Very well-spaced. Great. Too much sugar. Length of the breaks are perfect. Variety of food and beverages. Fine. Great food--lots of danish-based. 

8. What did you like about the Banquet? 

Friendly atmosphere--relaxed. Food was good. Informality of format. Everything. Food & interaction w/ all. Unfortunately couldn’t attend. Friendly & relaxed. Great choices for food. Nice people. Good food. Started & got through early. Nice buffet. Excellent. Keynote was great fun. Excellent. Did not attend. Couldn’t attend, unfortunately. Chance to interact w/ other colleagues. The food. Great! 

9. Would you like a Roundtable Discussion on Teaching included on next year’s program? 

All Yes, except two “(not”

10. What topics would be of interest to you? 

More on pedagogy with a panel. Popular Music, narrative studies, 19th Century. Analysis in the studio. Programmed vs contact teaching. More emphasis on orchestral or chamber music. Discussion of these genres and applying their use in the classroom. Creative ways of teaching 20th C music. Anything about undergraduate theory teaching, e.g., aural skills, CAI. Offer some (separate, perhaps) sessions/presentations/discussions for those teaching undergrad/freshman theory & ear training (comparing texts, computer programs & equipment) in short “practical pedagogy” Presenting aspects of music to non-music majors. Seminars for Grad Students. Incorporating composition into the theory curriculum at all levels--why, how accomplished, how evaluated, etc. Preparing secondary school students & their teachers for college-level theory. Cultural diversity in music theory. Teaching: formulate a list of about 4-5 questions & distribute before meeting. Technology. Technology. How to inform the next generation of musicians of integrated theory prior to postgraduate education. technology, analysis & performance, analysis symposium on one piece.

11. How would you like to serve the Society (e.g., officer, committee member, paper participant)? 

Paper participant. Open to all [possibilties]. Committee member, participant. Member at Large. I’d be interested in presenting a paper in the future or serving on a program committee. Any of these. Committee member, paper participant. Host. Any way I can. I’ll serve on the Program Committee if you still need members--just contact me (Ingrid Arauco, Haverford). Officer.

12. Might you and your institution be interested in hosting a future Conference of MTSMA in 2005 or later? 

Once I am affiliated with an institution...yes. Yes. Possibly. Yes. Strong possibility (Sonia Vlahcevic). Possibly. James Hiatt. Sure. Possibly. Temple. Yes. Stephen S. Johnson, Fairmont State College. Yes.

13. Overall, how would you characterize your experience at the Founding Meeting of MTSMA? 

Good. Superb! Very positive! Very pleasant! Nice to have a local chapter and meet new colleagues! Stimulating. Very positive. Good. Thanks! Excellent. The space beautiful, the meeting just large enough without being overwhelming (as the national meetings sometimes are). Planning a meeting such as this takes much time and thought. Bravo and thanks to you, Pamela , and all who assisted you! Excellent. Well-done! Great!!! Pam and her staff did a fantastic job!!!!!!! One of the best I have seen for a lot of meetings. Conference kept to schedule. Good job, Pam. Great. Great. A bit overwhelming (emphatically so), but highly educational and meaningful. Great. 

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